Intro to Pole - 3 Week Course

Want to learn Pole Fitness? Join us in our 3 week course to learn the basics of pole dancing in a fun and welcoming atmosphere!

Pole fitness is a combination of many disciplines, such as gymnastics, ballet and yoga. This 3-week intro to pole fitness course is designed for ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS and will focus on the foundations of pole dancing. Each week you will build upon the previous week, so that you develop the strength and skills to execute beginner spins and transitions seamlessly and effortlessly. Classes will begin with a warm-up, then you will spend time learning pole spins, transitions and floorwork, which will be combined at the end of each session into a short, but impressive, routine. You will finish off the class with some conditioning exercises and a final cool-down.


Subject to your chosen course day/time, class happens every Friday for a duration of 3 weeks.

All students must commit to the entire 3-week course as skills are built upon each week.

PRICE: $60.00

Beginner Pole Choreography

During our six week Beginner Pole Choreography Course you will learn a comprehensive, progressive and impressive pole dance routine! Each week will build upon the last as your strength, stamina and flexibility increase. You will learn pole tricks, transitions and floorwork that will flow together so that at the end of the six week course you will be able to execute a full pole dance routine! 

This course runs periodically and your space in this course is secure for the entire six weeks.

*We highly recommend that you attend and complete our INTRO TO POLE course before taking this course.*

Class happens every Thursday for a duration of 6 weeks.

All students must commit to the entire 6-week course as skills are built upon each week.

PRICE: $120.00