“Classes are challenging yet fun!”

Pole Power Fitness is an amazing place! I started pole because I wanted to exercise in a different way and fell in love with it. Charlotte's classes are challenging yet fun! She is very supportive of all the people participating. She is also a talented teacher and a lot of fun. I would highly recommend Pole Power Fitness to anyone looking for a fun workout/new skill set! It is great for strength and flexibility!

 Lauren Brown

“After one class, I was hooked”

Pole Power Fitness is amazing! After one class, I was hooked. I see my body getting leaner and stronger, all the while having a BLAST and boosting my confidence. Charlotte is an amazing instructor! She's not only incredibly talented, but she's attentive and encouraging to everyone in class. She's definitely my "pole idol!" I highly recommend these classes to everyone!

— Alex Heitz

Pole Power Fitness is amazing! Charlotte is a fantastic instructor because she is patient and encouraging. I love that pole is a fun and challenging workout. I leave class feeling motivated everytime!! 

— Amanda Zoch


“Pole fitness is truly addicting”

If you're someone like me who gets bored out of their mind at the gym and has to watch TV just to get through an hour workout, I can tell you this is the way to go. You gain strength and stamina all in one! You literally can't skip leg day here. Plus, you don't even realize how much you've worked your body until the end since you were so focused on having fun! Charlotte takes the time to know your weaknesses and strengths, then helps you improve upon both. While we may not be learning how to strip down into the nude, you're gaining confidence, an arsenal of skills, and strength that can all be put together into an even sexier routine than you see at the club. Pole Fitness is truly addicting as you push yourself to achieve new tricks and skills. You don't need to be an ex gymnast or dancer to learn pole, so don't let that be an excuse!! Charlotte can take anyone off the street, turn them into a pole ninja/fairy/unicorn, and have you becoming your own sexy beast in no time!

— Kami Baab

“All the girls are awesome and supportive!”

I've been a weightlifter and runner for years. I've always loved fitness and was looking for something new...and exciting. Pole fitness is exactly that it's always a super fun time and Charlotte is an amazing instructor. Pole incorporates everything from flexibility to strength and I feel sexy doing it. I've never been a girly-girl but it has helped me dip into that femininity and build confidence that I've always wanted too. I think it's a great way to not only workout but build friendships and learn an exciting new skill. All the girls are awesome and supportive! So glad I found Pole Power!

— Jess Woods

I absolutely love attending pole classes at Pole Power Fitness! Charlotte, the instructor is hands on and puts her students success and safety first! She is patient, understanding and a great role model!
— Collette Brooks