What is pole fitness?

Pole fitness is a sport, a skill, and an art form, which takes place on a polished pole. Pole fitness incorporates elements of gymnastics, ballet, modern dance, yoga and overall athleticism for an entire body workout.

Is pole fitness for me? I have no upper-body strength...

YES!! Pole dancing is for anyone and everyone regardless of your shape and size. All fitness levels are welcome. You will (quickly) develop the upper body strength needed to execute an array of pole dance moves. No previous dance experience is necessary. We will teach you all you need to know.

What are the benefits of pole fitness?

Pole fitness comes with a lot of health benefits. Pole fitness is a combination of cardio and strength training all wrapped up in a shiny-chrome-pole-shaped package. You can expect to burn approximately 300 calories during a one hour pole fitness class. You will develop strength, muscle definition and flexibility across your entire body, from your arms, core, legs and shoulders. What's more is that pole fitness will boost your body confidence!

Is pole fitness safe?

Like many other physical activities there is an element of risk. With pole, particularly in the early beginner stages you may suffer with some bumps and bruises (or as we like to call them - pole kisses). But over time as your become stronger and your body gets used to the pole, the bumps and bruises will reduce. Additionally, it's important to listen to your body to avoid injury. Furthermore, it's important to listen to the directions given by your instructor, they are there to help you pole safely!

What class should I be in?

We strongly recommend that you start off in one of our "beginner - pole fitness" classes. This will ensure that you learn the basic fundamentals and foundations of pole as well as build up the necessary strength and body awareness to execute beginner moves safely and strongly. Your instructor will advise you when it is time to move up into the next level class. This is to ensure your safety and so that you get the most out of each class. 

If you have prior pole experience please contact us, so that we can advise and place you in the appropriate class for your abilities and skill set.

Please see the "Class Requirements" section on the Pole Fitness page for more details.

Where can I see the class schedule?

To see our live and up to date class schedule please click here or click on "Book Now" at the top of the page.

IMPORTANT: We do not accept drop-ins ALL classes must be reserved and paid for in advance.

What should I wear?

So that you can get the most out of your pole class we recommend that you wear shorts and a tank top/sports bra. The reasoning for this minimalist approach is for grip - the more skin exposure the better you will be able to grip the pole with your legs and arms. However, we do want you to feel comfortable but just note that leggings/yoga pants and long sleeve tops are not ideal and will lead to lots of slipping. Classes are carried out barefoot.

What NOT to Wear

In the interest of safety for yourself and your fellow polers NO LOTION is to be applied to your skin 24 hours before a pole class OR it must be showered off before class. Also, NO jewellery. Underwear is not acceptable attire for a pole fitness class.

Do you offer childcare?

At this time we do not offer childcare services.