Pole fitness classes in Phoenix, AZ.
From beginner to advanced, we offer a range of pole fitness classes to suit any level of fitness.



Want to learn how to pole dance?
Join us in our 3 week course to learn the basics of pole dancing in a fun and welcoming atmosphere!

Pole Fitness Classes

Looking for a fun way to get fit, build lean body mass and improve flexibility? Then look no further, because we have a range of pole fitness classes to suit any fitness level. We have a multitude of pole classes for you to choose from: pole fitness, pole conditioning, pole choreography and our off the pole class - stretch & flex. 

Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Are you needing some extra one-on-one assistance to help you achieve that nemesis pole move? Or are you feeling a bit nervous about trying a pole class in a group environment? Then maybe a private pole lesson is just what you need! 

Pole Parties

Wondering what to do for your next event? Why not have a Pole Power Fitness party! Bachelorette, birthday, Christmas, corporate or any other celebration, we will add sparkle and glamour to any party!


Pole incorporates everything from flexibility to strength and I feel sexy doing it. I’ve never been a girly-girl but it has helped me dip into that femininity and build confidence that I’ve always wanted too. I think it’s a great way to not only workout but build friendships and learn an exciting new skill. All the girls are awesome and supportive! So glad I found Pole Power!
— Pole Power Fitness Student